onsdag, maj 19, 2010

ready, Steady, Shoot...

we finally received the new HandySlr rig so now we are ready to go. from 21-28 of may we will be in Colorado shooting Aagaards winter catalog and TV commercial. we will of course blog from the tour ...

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torsdag, maj 13, 2010

DSLR Shoulder Rig

Since we started shooting video our focus has been on finding the right gear to work with in order to make your work more professional and easier. The latest product in our gear lineup is this shoulder rig from Handyfilmtools. It is an light weight rig with a lot of possibilities for mounting peripherals to is such as a monitor, follow focus and sound sources.


torsdag, maj 06, 2010

Brand New Website!

Photopop just released a new website and this is without a doubt the best one yet and we just love the new video player..
If you plan on visiting the site from time to time we recommend that you drop by the Portfolio section because this is where we post new material, that way you don´t have to remember what you have all ready checked you and what not.


mandag, maj 03, 2010


Ib&co asked us to develope a visual style for their new iPaper, the theme they wanted was a fairy tail look that would fit the big meadows that surrounds them. One of the goals we had set us was to give the images a curtain monotone character so that all the black and white graphic elements would blend in easily. The green tone we picked really compliments the nature elements and the rich clouded sky that brings in the dramatic feel in the images. We really feel that we accomplished what we set out to do.