onsdag, december 15, 2010

Leica S1

In 1996, Deep Blue defeated chess grand-master Garry Kasparov for the first time, Dolly the cloned sheep was born, and digital cameras were still out of the reach of most consumers. This was also the year that Leica released its first digital scanning back, the S1. This bad boy was designed for the company's 35mm R-series lenses (with lens mounts for a number of other manufacturer's optics) and captured 1.4-inch square images. And what did you get for your $21,500? A camera that operated at ISO 50 and produced 48-bit (151Mb) image files with "little if any of the artifacting, blooming, and fringing that continue to plague us to this very day," according to B&H. And as one would expect from Leica, it has a design that inspires significant gadget lust. Hit the source link for plenty more photos.


fredag, december 10, 2010

Website makeover

We just update Photopop's website!
It has gotten a brand new interface and everything has been simplified. Clean and simple! But the biggest change is that it is customized for iPad and iPhone viewing! Now you can easily flick through the galleries in the best iOS maner!


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onsdag, december 08, 2010

Santa wants an iPad

Found Santa shopping for a iPad in Storcenter Nord! Something The alfs can't make i quess!

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