onsdag, juni 30, 2010

Zeiss ZE lenses

Our videos are now shot on the Zeiss ZE prime lenses

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Location:Katrinebjergvej,Aarhus Municipality,Denmark

fredag, juni 18, 2010

Daylight Studio

We have now made it possible to shoot on white backdrop with daylight conditions.
No matter how much you try to create daylight in studio it will never be the same as actual daylight. Our backdrop is facing north so it wont get struck by sunlight, which gives that amazing smooth light...
I might add that the images are taken straight from the camera and have not been retouched, so as you see there are now shadows at all.

tirsdag, juni 01, 2010

Shooting in the Rocky's

We have just got back from a photo shoot in Marble, colorado for Aagaard. the trip was a big success, the Rocky Mountains are a brilliant winter location, specially if you need to find winter in late may and with our local location scout and production man Gary Hubbell we where able to shoot in some hard to find places and with amazing props. We want to give Gary a huge thumbs up for all the good work and for making things happen on the set. There is no doubt that this is not the last time we shoot in the Rocky's!!

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Location:Marstrandsgade,Aarhus Municipality,Denmark